Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Five Months!

Ezra turned the big 5/12ths on April Fool's Day and since it was sort of his birthday I didn't pull any pranks on him.  Instead I made him mug for the camera for a while.  Forgive me - there are lots of photos - but hopefully you think he's as cute as I do and enjoy them!
Remember when he was teeny tiny? Check out months onetwothree, and four . Once again, a shout out to my friend Keri for providing the month stickers. And happy almost-half-a-year, Ezra!


  1. I love the first one of him on his belly, on the chair! It looks like a little Pop-eye face! And the ones of him "sitting" next to the pillow...I loved propping Reilly and pretending she could sit, I thought it was so funny.

  2. Love him! These are adorable! xo Amanda

  3. I <3 Ezra! He is so adorably cute! I like the peek into his room too. I'll be glad to see it in person.

    My favorites are the on the belly on the chair shots.

    Amelia's pictures are getting harder to do now that she's getting more mobile. It's like, "Okay - SIT. STAY. Good Girl."

    I always love the Ezra posts the best! ;)


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