Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Four Months!

Yesterday Ezra celebrated his four month anniversary of being an earthling.  He's doing a pretty good job being an Earth citizen - eating, growing, practicing mini push-ups, smiling and laughing a lot, socializing with his many toys (Ladybug, Mr. Crinklepants the Elephant, and Rat are favorites), and chatting up the ladies, Sophie and Fiona especially.
Ezra discovered that his month number was removable and peeled it off his onesie almost as soon as I put it on.
Here he is inspecting the sticker.  (Thanks again, Keri!)
Ezra showing me his prize.
Now for the monthly stuffed animal shots.  When I sat Ezra next to his aardvark he grabbed it and immediately started chewing its ear.
Do aardvarks even have ears?  Apparently they do.
Sitting for more than three minutes became too much for Ezra so he toppled into the arm of the glider.  Please note the sock lines around his legs.
Back to eating the aardvark's ears.  I think Aardvark needs a name.  Any suggestions?
Once again, I can't resist commenting on Ezra's growth!  (See months 1, 2, and 3.) The gorilla is slowing being squeezed out as there is only room for Uglydoll, Ezra, and Aardvark to sit against the back of the glider.
Ezra has progressed from ear chewing to snout licking.  I would imagine corduroy is an interesting texture to taste.
Inspecting his prey.  
Happy four month birthday, little Ezra!  We love you!


  1. he rules. nice job on the pictures.

  2. literally laughing in the office. eating corduroy looks enjoyable.

    really cute :)

  3. Great post and pics!!!! He's getting so smart! (p.s. what's that fabric in the first pic?)

  4. Tara - he is adorable! i'm so bummed i'm missing out on watching him grow!


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