Friday, July 29, 2011

happy weekend

(image via Geronimo Balloons)
It feels like a long weekend to me because Matt took the day off to spend some time with me and Ezra.  We're looking forward to a drive to Rhodemont Farm in Coventry and then visiting a farmers market right down the street from us at the Pastore Complex in Cranston.  Dinner is going to be grilled pizza (I'm thinking one pesto with grilled vegetables and one Hawaiian style) followed by homemade chocolate crackle ice cream.  Then on Saturday Ezra and I are going to my friend Jaclyn's shower and I absolutely cannot wait - for presents (both given and to be received) and lunch (catered by Pranzi), but most importantly to celebrate the wonderful gift that Mykenzie will be and is already.  She is such a blessing.  
Now brace yourselves... I think I went overboard this week.
- just found out about the Amy Butler collection for Bed, Bath & Beyond... is this news to anyone but me?
- if you're in RI this weekend check out the Newport Folk Festival
- here's this week's healthy change
- can you imagine celebrating your 102nd birthday? (and doing it with amazing style, I might add...)
- the most perfect (and free!) picnic invitations for hosting your own outdoor soiree
- I'm loving this color explosion of a nursery
- these two Rhode Island prints (here and here) are sweet
- we bought a breadmaker!  any recipe suggestions?
Is it me or is this longer than most?  Sorry for clogging up your feed, but I couldn't help but share!  Next week I'll be posting about the meals I've made for our vegetarian week which we're wrapping up tonight.  Same bat time.  Same bat channel.  Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

blue eggs & berries

A couple of weeks ago Matt and I went to the farmers market in Pawtuxet Village and took home some blue eggs.  I promised to show some pictures of them, so there they are.  Right now you're probably thinking, "those eggs aren't blue," which is exactly what Matt was thinking when I handed over $5 for them.  They are, though.  Really, they're just very pale blue, but they are, in fact, blue.
Another fun thing to share: a week or so ago my parents brought their dog to the groomer and they walked around the area while they waited for her furcut to be over.  They stumbled upon some wild raspberry bushes and picked a quart or two and ever so kindly shared some with us.  Delicious!  Now they just have to remember where they are this time next year...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

on the wall

Here's part three (see part one and part two) of the dining room wall additions: a duo of floating shelves on the wall opposite the kitchen.  I collected items from around the house, borrowing from the living room, craft room, storage closet, our bedroom, and crafting one new piece.
This bundle of dried lavender has been on my nightstand since we moved in, but lately it's been stuck behind a towering pile of books (I get a lot of reading done while breastfeeding Ezra).  I figured it was time to take it out of hiding.
My sister-in-law gave me this peacock feather right before Matt and I got married.  Recently I framed it in this distressed, gold frame.  It's been on a shelf in my craft room, but I thought it deserved a more public place.
Pottery Barn was carrying a lot of safari-themed items a few years ago at Christmas and I picked this guy up for under $10.  He'd been bearing the weight of a few bracelets on my bureau, but they were starting to cover him up entirely.  You can also see part of a little candle that was part of set from Crate & Barrel two years ago.
My friend Ondriana gave us this bowl as a housewarming gift along with some incense cones.  Now that the incense is burned away I wanted to display the pretty dish.
My dad took these keys from my grandmother's house after she passed away in 2005 and he gave them to me when I expressed an interest in them.  They've been packed in a little box since then, but I've been wanting to organize them into a collection.  I purchased a shadow box and finally decided to put it to use.  I covered the foam with an off-white linen, pierced ten holes with a straight pin (one on each side of each key, just below the round part on top), and threaded some thin wire around what I call the necks of the keys.  Then I simply twisted the wire together behind the foam to secure it.  I had two keys left over so I just laid them on the shelf below the shadow box.  
This little moss ball in the terra cotta pot was a favor at our friends' wedding.  There are seeds under the moss but I never planted them.  Plus, I like it as it is.
Some fresh flowers are on the left of the top shelf, but I'll replace them with three lavender roses that I'm currently drying.  
the view from above
I'm very happy with this little vignette now, but I look forward to switching things up with the seasons or as inspiration strikes.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As I've mentioned lately, we've been trying to add some personality to the walls of our home.  My expensive taste combined with extreme pickiness often leaves me empty-handed when searching local shops for art to add to our collection so I've been on the lookout for more affordable options.
Inspired by a collection of images from a French calendar, we decided to create our own mini travel gallery with prints mounted on matboard.  
The images were all taken by Matt on our trip to Guatemala in August of 2009.  
After the prints were delivered, Matt affixed string to the backs with a hot glue gun (we're very professional over here) and then used some complicated math involving measuring angles to make sure they were hanging right.  This was necessary because he wasn't very precise when hot gluing the string to the backs of the prints (definitely don't use a hot glue gun on projects requiring precision).  Agreeing on which photographs to use took the longest and was the most difficult part of the whole project.  
I love how the black and white images look against the crisp color of the wall and how they're almost framed by the crown molding and chair rail.  Even better is that the images are special to us rather than simply torn from a mass-produced calendar, which was my original plan.  My favorite picture is the one of the ladies on the bottom left, but the chicken are a close second.   
P.S. See another recent DIY addition to our dining room here, and stay tuned tomorrow for another! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

cows, flowers, and ice cream

Let me begin by saying that the highlight of our Saturday trip to Buttonwood Farm was the ice cream.  Hands down.  And I think my friend MW would agree with me, am I right?
The highlight for Ezra may have been when he went toes to nose with one very large cow.  I can't be sure though, because he didn't express an opinion either way.
Fields of sunflowers seemed to go on as far as I could see.  They surrounded us as the tractor drove through the field, and bowed behind us (the driver was merciless and took some of the blooms down) as we passed by.
 And now for the best part.  Deliberation over my second flavor (the first, of course, was chocolate peanut butter cup) lasted for several minutes and I finally settled on chocolate cherry.  It may have been even better than the chocolate PB.  Maybe.  But only because it had whole cherries in it and the PB cups were just chunks.  
MW very sweetly bought a bouquet of sunflowers for his girlfriend Kayla who couldn't come with us (she was working).  She missed out on some good cones, but he took some of the fields home for her.

Friday, July 22, 2011

happy weekend

(image via etsy seller bomobob)
Today Ezra and I are holing up in his room, the only air-conditioned spot in our house.  We had plans to meet some adult and baby friends for a picnic lunch at Goddard Park, but with temperatures expected to rise to over 100 we decided to reschedule.  Tomorrow we're going to Buttonwood Farm for a church fellowship where we'll see four acres of sunflowers (planted as part of a fundraiser for the Make-a-Wish Foundation), bring Ezra on his first hayride, and indulge in a cone of the farm's homemade ice cream.  As usual, we'll be at church on Sunday morning, and after services Matt is doing a couple of shoots.  Finally, we'll end the afternoon at our friend's birthday celebration.  What are your plans this weekend?
I'm going to brew up a big pitcher of my favorite iced tea.  While it's steeping, here are my favorite finds from the week...
just found out about Denyse Schmidt discounted baby bedding
- the most awesome free printable party invitations ever
- an unexpected way to use balloons
- here's healthy change no. 29
- hanging balloons overhead is a spectacular way to celebrate a birthday
- not sure what I would do with these fruit labels, but they sure are cute
- this quirky ostrich fabric is on my wish list
- check out this RI wedding held at Whispering Pines - loads of fun details!
Stay cool!  I'll see you back here on Monday...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Locals

Have you heard of  It's a site where you can purchase certificates to restaurants (duh) for discounted prices.  Matt bought one recently for $4 and it was worth $50, however we had to spend $100 in order to use it.  It may not sound like it, but it's worth it.  You do the math.  Sometimes you can get them for $2, and the list of restaurants is frequently updated.  It has cheap date night written all over it.  Well, sometimes.
Last Friday we went to The Locals (located in North Providence at the Johnston end of Mineral Spring) with our friends Matt and Kayla.  Ezra tagged along as the fifth wheel.  The owners of The Locals make a sincere effort to source their ingredients locally and their finds are noted on the menu.  It was fun to know that I was eating beef from cows that were raised in the same town I was.  Everything (really, everything) was reasonably priced so we ended up ordering lots of food in order to reach our required $100.  Not a problem for me because that meant I got to taste lots and lots of yummy appetizers and entrees.  
We started off with two different kinds of salad - Caesar and one with roasted apples and feta atop "bistro greens," which looked suspiciously like mixed greens to me.  Next came some pesto naan, grilled cheese pizza (a pizza that was grilled, not a pizza topped with grilled cheese), sweet potato sliders and house-made coleslaw, and some baked red bliss potato chips with aioli dipping sauce.  All were delicious, especially the pesto naan and sweet potato sliders.
Our entrees were out quickly even though the restaurant was pretty full.  I had to take Ezra for a walk outside so he could get his act together after he finished flinging various pieces of food around (and ingesting a few along the way) so I missed getting a picture of Matt's BBQ sliders, but Kayla's butternut squash lasagna looked fantastic... 
Don't you agree?  It was served with a slice of garlic bread and some mixed greens.

Matt Welesko (hi!) and I both ordered the Black & Blue burger which was topped with artisan blue cheese and brown sugar bacon along with a side of macaroni & cheese and mixed greens.  We racked up the bill to $99.70 and therefore, unbelievably, didn't quite hit our goal of $100 so Kayla ordered a cup of tea.  We'll definitely be going back and I highly recommend The Locals if you're in the area... and even if you're not.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

under the sea and dreaming

Finally, my mendocino quilt can be laid to rest.  I started it over a year ago and made some mistakes while piecing the back so I put the whole project on hold indefinitely.  It's much more fun to make progress moving forward rather than backwards, which is another type of progress in quilting, I suppose.
This quilt was made with no one in mind and I don't think I'll be able to part with it because I love Heather Ross's funny mermaids and octopuses too much.  
I'll save it in case we ever add a baby girl to our family, and if not then I'm sure I'll be able to find a good home for this bright blanket some day.
Part of me wishes I saved the squares that I used on the back for another project so I could spread the mermaid love around, but it's too late so I guess I'll just have to enjoy them where they are.  They definitely add some interest to what would otherwise be a rather plain pink backing.
The binding is my least favorite part of this quilt because I decided to use my least favorite fabric for it - orange seahorses floating among tan seaweed in a brown sea.  

Regardless of my feelings for the binding, I love the way this quilt came out and am glad that I get to keep it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

farmers market: Pawtuxet

One of our weekend activities was a visit to the Pawtuxet Village farmers market.  There weren't too many stands but the farmers that were there had lots of produce to choose from, like this beautiful rainbow chard.    
We went home with the biggest head of lettuce I've ever seen and a dozen blue eggs.  I'll post some pictures of the pretty little things when I have an extra set of hands around to assist me.  
This week I hope to visit the market at Goddard Park with a couple of friends and their kids.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can have a picnic lunch on the grounds.  Maybe we'll even be able to enjoy some fruit from the market for dessert.  Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me.

Monday, July 18, 2011

rainbows on top

If you've been reading the tiny hummingbird for any length of time you know I love ice cream.  I went crazy this weekend and got rainbow jimmies instead of pink, but it's the same chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream hiding under that layer of colorful mystery.  What are jimmies anyway?  I don't really care.  All I know is that an ice cream cone if the perfect way to kick off the week.  What could be better on a Sunday night?  

Friday, July 15, 2011

happy weekend

(image via Nancy Bates via counting graces)
Food is in our future this weekend and I can't complain.  Tonight we're checking out The Locals for dinner with friends and I'm excited to try their burger made with beef from Blackbird Farm, which is located in my hometown.  If we have time tomorrow morning we're going to visit the Pawtuxet Village farmers market, and then we're off to Fort Adams in Newport for a cookout.  We'll end up back home in time for dinner with more friends.  I'm bringing a big batch of Nutella peanut butter cup and I can't. wait. to eat it.  I'm going to get the ice cream maker crankin', and here are my favorite finds from this week.
- these giant polaroids are definitely a contender for wall art around here
- pretend you are confetti system and create your own fabric tassel garland (I know I am)
- the idea of a gender reveal party intrigues me
- my next home project may be a dining room chair redo
- love these paper bag stars for a casual looking party
this outfit is perfect for the summer
- check out the healthy change of the week
- I want to copy this idea
- boy, has it been hard to keep this secret: Paper Source just debuted their new line of birth announcements and two photos of Ezra (taken by Matt, or course) were chosen for the collection!  (if you're obsessed with him like I am, see them all herehere, herehere, and here)
Happy weekend, friends!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

eight months!

Ezra's eight month photos are a facsimile of a sham for many reasons.
1. He is not wearing a white onesie.  Actually, he's not wearing any onesie.
2. He does not have his eight month sticker on.
3. He was actually eight months and twelve days old at the time the photos were taken.
4. He is not posing like a good eight month old baby should.
5. His room is in a state of disarray.
6. Most of the photos are blurry and/or grainy.
7. Matt pointed out that Picasa is compressing all my photos so they look pixel-y (and have been looking this way for months).
I would like to blame Ezra, but really it is my fault.  And really, how could it be his fault?  He's only eight months (and twelve days) old!  The photo shoot was off to a bad start when July 1st came and went without it taking place.  We were preparing for camping and we left earlier than I anticipated so photography quickly fell to the bottom of my to do list in favor of packing the cooler with all our food for the weekend, ensuring that Ezra had enough clothes in case of inclement weather, and getting the beach towels out of the dryer so we could bring them.  I recovered from the tragedy that was the lack of documentation for the eight month anniversary of Ezra's entrance into the world and resolved to hold the photo shoot upon our return.  I am happy to report that it was successful.  I am unhappy to report that I deleted the imaged from my memory card before transferring them to my computer.  So I dragged my feet until I realized we were nearly halfway to nine months and I had better take the faux eight month photos before August 1st rolled around.  
As you can see, our hearts weren't in it but despite his lackluster eight month performance, it is my humble opinion that Ezra is still quite a fine looking specimen of a baby.
Exhibit A
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