Thursday, July 10, 2014

Feeding Finn

Feeding Finn has been far easier than I anticipated it would be and I'm so thankful. Matt has snapped a few pictures of me and my little nursling, but I wanted to do something a little more deliberate to remember this season of our lives. Enter Karissa, friend and birth photographer extraordinaire. She took photos when both of the boys were born and when Ezra was nursing, too. I knew she would be willing to do it again, even at six months pregnant with her toddler in tow, and especially if I bribed her with tacos. Pregnant ladies love tacos. Heck, who doesn't love tacos? Anyway, we spent about an hour in Providence to get these shots. Matt kept Ezra and Zekiah occupied and Finn basically refused to nurse because he wanted to play with the boys and/or smile at Karissa and random passersby. Still, I love these pictures and am so glad I'll always have them to help me remember this time. Thanks so much, Karissa! I promise we'll get tacos if the Taqueria is ever actually open. 
That face! I just can't. This sweet boy has my heart.
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