Monday, April 4, 2011

I heart Sundaes

 Top three reasons why Sundaes is my favorite ice cream shop:
1. It's 1.2 miles from our house so we can walk there.
2. You can print coupons directly from the website like this one which allowed us to buy one cone & get one cone free on Friday night.
3. Most importantly, they have the best selection of flavors in the free world.  My favorite is chocolate peanut butter cup.  It's the only flavor of ice cream I have ordered since the summer of 2009.  Really.  It's that good.  (Side note: it started out as a joke between our friend Matt (who is not to be confused with Matt) and me... we each had a "flavor of the year" in 2008.  Coffee oreo for me and chocolate peanut butter cup for him.  In 2009 I became jealous of his chocolate cone of peanut buttery goodness and a new flavor of the year was born.  Chocolate peanut butter cup is so delicious that it became the flavor of the year in 2010 as well, and it looks as though 2011 will bring more of the same.  And I couldn't be more satisfied.  Thanks for the tip, Matt!)
And three more reasons why Sundaes is my favorite.  Because I realized the first three reasons weren't enough.
4. They have pink jimmies!  They also have Falcon jimmies for all you Falcons out there.  I'm looking at you, Western Cranston.
5. It's conveniently located right on the bike path so when Matt and I are out for a Saturday afternoon spin we can stop and get a cone.  
6. You can carry a Sundaes card which gets stamped every time you make a purchase.  Trade your stamps in for free jimmies, a Sundaes tee shirt, a gift card to Sundaes, or my favorite, a free kiddie cone.  Get two stamps if you're there when it's raining!  That's right... it was raining on Friday so we started the season off with two stamps.
All this talk about ice cream is making me want a cone right now.  Lucky for me, Sundaes is just over a mile away...

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  1. Okay, so Brett and I are coming to MA/RI for our first official family vacay in late june...I want to meet up with you guys when we come - this looks like the perfect spot!! :) And I'm not kidding...we have a homemade ice cream place by us, and THE ONLY FLAVOR i've ever gotten is chocolate peanut butter cup!! It's meant to be- we must go!


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