Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Months!

Once again this is a super late post as Ezra is closer to being 4 months old than he is to being 3 months old.  Must improve photo to laptop transfer rate!
I must admit I'm already tired of doing the photo shoot in Ezra's room.  I thought I would like to see him in the same places each month so I can see how he's growing but it's so boring!  Blue chair, crib, orange storage cube... over and over again.  Next month we may venture into other parts of the house.  
As you can see he wasn't too excited on the morning these were taken.  I think I scheduled our shoot a little too close to wake up time.
I still like the shots next to his menagerie and I think I'll still do these each month.  It's funny to see him grow in comparison to the stuffed animals.  Happy Three Months, Ezra!

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