Sunday, December 6, 2020

neutral good | a quilt for Luca James

One of my oldest friends recently had her second baby girl and when I asked her a few months ago what she was thinking for a quilt she said, "is it weird if I send you this for inspiration?" and sent me a whole instagram account, haha. After scrolling through @milena_silvano for weeks, this is what I came up with. I loved choosing solid neutral fabrics for a change since usually everything I make is full of color and pattern and print, and putting the quilt top together was like a puzzle. Quilting always energizes me and helps keep me sane but this one felt different. It was challenging to work with fabrics I wouldn't normally use and still trust that the end result would be what I hoped it would be. I loved making this quilt for Luca James, thinking about how it will keep her warm and cozy during what will definitely be a cold MI winter, and how, more importantly, my friends will raise her to be a warm and caring person. That has nothing to do with quilting, I know, but it's that kind of thinking that gives me hope for the future. Also, unrelated, but I watched the entire first season of Emily in Paris while I made this quilt. I didn't love the show, but Pierre Cadeau cracking the tops of an entire tray of creme brulee is a whole mood. 


tiny tiles | another quilt for Lenora

My friend Jess's daughter recently graduated to a big girl bed so she needed a new quilt. Jess sent me a picture of the color inspiration for her room and asked me to make the tiny tiles quilt (a free pattern from Purl Soho) because she loved the last one I made. I had fun using up lots of scraps and little bits of fabric I've been saving. I used my precious Heather Ross snails on the back and bound it with - what else - scraps. I made my family drive all the way to Beavertail for pictures because it's Jess's favorite place in Rhode Island and I thought it would be a fun family adventure. It was, until Matt and Ezra got soaked by a wave and Ezra spent the rest of the afternoon airing his socks and sneakers on a fence in the sun. Then we got Tallulah's for dinner, another one of Jess's favorites. Next time she's on the East Coast we'll all go together!


bold hope | a quilt for Nolan

My friend Jess asked me to make this quilt for a friend of hers who is pregnant with a baby boy. Unfortunately, he has some health complications and will need heart surgery as soon as he's born. Jess wanted to encourage her friend while her son is the hospital in those early days. This quilt is simple and bold at the same time. As I made it I prayed for Nolan and his family, hoping that the outcome of his surgery will be successful and that his life will be better than anyone dreams. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

big blocks | a quilt for Zachary

Our friends welcomed their second baby boy over a year ago and I started a quilt for him when his mom Elena was pregnant with him. It wasn't turning out how I wanted it to and I got stuck which doesn't usually happen for me. I usually know what I want to make but this quilt just wasn't working. I put it aside and as the months passed I felt worse and worse that he didn't have a quilt. A couple months ago I found this cute fabric on sale that I thought would make a nice back for a little boy and that helped me get started again. I scrapped the old quilt entirely and pulled new fabrics from my stash based on the backing fabric. I sort of copied a piece of modern art to make the design for the front. It's really simple, just a bunch of blocks, but I liked how I didn't have to cut up the fish print. The top came together quickly and since I already had a backing I was able to finish it up right away. I dropped it off at their house and now Zachary has a quilt so he doesn't have to steal his big brother Benjamin's! 


#scrappysummerqal2020 | a quilt for Eliana

I saw this cute quilt some Instagram friends were making this summer and decided to join in. Quilt alongs are always good for me because they keep me on schedule and push me outside of my comfort zone. I loved fussy cutting so many fun fabrics for the centers of the plus sign blocks and I used up tons of low volume scraps for the background. My only regret is that I used an unknown fuchsia solid and it must not have been my usual Kona cotton because it bled in the wash even though I used a color catcher in two separate washes. One of my first quilting friends commented a few times throughout the QAL that she loved the quilt and that made it easy for me to decide who to give it to because she had just had her second baby girl. I know Carole Ann was happy to receive it and Eliana will spend the winter snuggled up!  

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