Friday, April 1, 2011

happy weekend

(image via color collective)
On the agenda today: take Ezra's 5 month photos (when did my little newborn become a 5 month old?), a visit to the pediatrician, yoga, and Ezra's first trip to Sundaes (ok, so that's really for me and not Ezra).  Tomorrow we're having lunch with Jen - I'm thinking of making pizza - and then going out for dinner (Gepetto's + Pastiche = double yum) with Pasha and Olga and their little Fionushka.  And now the weekly list of distractions that Jaclyn has been waiting for...
- I want to make this chalkboard arrow
Jaclyn's perspective is awesome
- I'm inspired yet overwhelmed by this week's healthy change
hot air balloons as a theme.  so different!
- a dramatic gender reveal
- amazing DIY wall stenciling
- these mini pinatas would make spectacular invitations
- the best gift for a foodie. Bonus: it keeps on giving
- this cake is making my mouth water
these are a gigantic version of the favors we gave out at our wedding
- I want to make a few of these simple stamped drawstring bags
- Ezra told me he wants one of these stuffed pirates
Now that ice cream season is in full swing (what, you don't consider April 1st ice cream season?) does anyone have an local Rhody ice cream shop suggestions?  I never say no to a cone.


  1. We love Gelina's in Coventry but Coldstone Creamery is a fave also! PS Ezra is so beautiful :) I love how pretty much every blog entry includes him somehow!

  2. OMG Gepetto's is where my sister and her fiance had their first date...I remember it like it was yesterday. And pastiche is where Brett and I would go constantly, I'm so obsessed. LOVE federal hill! <3 yay RI!

  3. Also...Somerset Creamery! Not quite rhodey, but worth is for the homemade ice cream and scent of the cones being made! And I love Jaclyn's perspective inspiring.

  4. I can't wait for double yumm! By the way, how did you come up with Fionushka? I love it!


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