Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Months!

The face that brightens not just my Monday morning but every morning.  Matt took some casual photos of Ezra on January 1st, the day our little guy turned two months old.  Thanks again to my friend Keri of Quaint & Quirky for the month stickers.
I can't wait to watch Ezra over the next ten months as he grows in comparison to his stuffed animals, and um, his stuffed ugly doll.  Check out the difference already from last month!  
As you can see, there was much less crying this time around.  Let's hope Ezra only becomes a more willing subject for his parents as he gets older!


  1. He seriously is the cutest kid! How do you get anything done?? I would be staring at him all day lol.

  2. what a cutie! great pics. :)

  3. these are such precious pictures...i should have been more prepared and made some of those little by the month t's for Delilah but i did not finish lots of things....about the tummy is new to me too. i like that she stays warm and floats a little, enjoying the old womb feeling. tips...i don't have other than holding her so she is facing away, by the chin seems easier.


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