Friday, September 3, 2010

a rhino for raf

I think Raf needs this box to put his binky or his diaper cream in.  Alright, alright, basically that translates to I want it and think it would look cute perched on his bookshelf.  I'll leave you with a perplexing question to ponder over the long weekend: can rhinoceroses perch?  
Via a cup of Jo.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I first discovered Brickway (view the menu here) in high school and I remember thinking I was pretty cool to be eating brunch on Wickenden Street at a place that served lox.  My friend's mom picked up the tab which made the meal that morning even better.  Confession: I still feel hip when I eat brunch on Wickenden.  My friend Olga, her visiting friend Alicia, and I ventured out on a rainy morning last week to indulge in all kinds of breakfasty goodness and funky atmosphere.  Brickway delivered on all accounts.
Note: mural-covered walls, kitschy diner-type tables, ketchup squeeze bottle.  
Due to the rain I felt it imperative to order a hot beverage.  Not being a coffee drinker and not in the mood for tea, hot chocolate was my only option.  Certainly not a problem as the mug was as big as a softball, covered in whipped cream, and drizzled with chocolate sauce.  My only complaint is that I think the chocolate drizzle was Hershey's syrup or something similar because it didn't have that authentic chocolate flavor, but that didn't stop me from finishing the cocoa before my meal arrived.  
As usual I agonized over my entree selection.  Should I order something sweet or something savory?  Something made mainly with flour or mainly with eggs?  Fruit or vegetables?  I wanted banana chocolate chip pancakes (one of the specials which I believe was called something like Monkey Madness) but my will power was strong and I ordered before Alicia and Olga to make sure I didn't change my mind.  The Sutton Place omelet was filled with chicken breast, melty cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, and chopped potatoes and came with a side of seasoned homefries and buttered Italian toast.  As is typical for breakfast fare, the portions were huge and I was able to enjoy my meal again the next morning.  
Even though I thoroughly enjoyed my omelet I can say with certainty that the pancakes and breakfast sandwiches are divine.  In fact, I could go for the Brickway (an English muffin layered with a fried egg, bacon, and cheese... I know, totally basic but so good!) right now.  Maybe I'll have to take Matt out before our shoot on Saturday.  That is, as long as Hurricane Earl steers clear of Rhode Island.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what you've all been waiting for

OK, so maybe you haven't all been waiting for this, but a lot of people ask Matt why he doesn't take pictures of me.  The answer is that I am an unwilling subject and usually argue with him throughout, telling him he's making me do a ridiculous pose or that I can't possibly hold still any longer.  I decided to suck it up while I'm pregnant so we can document the growth of my tummy which is rapidly expanding!  We did two shoots a while back, one for five months and one for six months, and this weekend we're planning a seven month shoot.  
The five month shoot took place on Main Street in Woonsocket.  I know, kind of a strange location but I thought there would be some interesting backgrounds and I think I was right.  Last month we went to Newport for the night and took advantage of the sunset and readily available chowder at The Black Pearl.
This weekend we plan on going apple picking at Jaswell's Farm in Smithfield to capture the seven month bump.  I don't know if I'm more excited about the shoot or picking apples because after we pick apples we get to make apple pie... yum!
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