Friday, April 22, 2011

happy weekend

This Saturday Jaclyn and I are getting pedicures as a belated birthday treat and in the afternoon Matt and I have plans to wish a friend well as he heads to Iraq with the service.  Hopefully I can squeeze in some Easter outfit shopping time with my mom in between.  On Sunday we'll be celebrating the resurrection at church and then dining with family all afternoon.  I'm in charge of making a dessert and I'm thinking chocolate layer cake.  How will you spend the weekend?  Now for another burning question... and other links, too -
- why are there no pop up dessert shops around here?!
- I like the one with the moustache
- on having 1/3 less stress
- would you extreme coupon?
- hoping Matt brings me home a bouquet like this some day (hello, husband!)
- if only I was qualified for this internship
- ooh la la! a faux lashes how-to video
- get a free coffee or tea today!
- this week's healthy change
- I want to make this cute bunny
- can't wait to try my hand at this baby log cabin quilt
- even the potholes in Paris are pretty
- a cool confetti street installation
- putting candy in a bottle never looked better
- yet another way to use fringe for party decor
- enter this sweet giveaway from Longaberger and Rachel of ps i quilt
- love this simple flower-filled teapot as a centerpiece
Happy Easter!


  1. LOVE the Mangani photo, and, I got my free coffee!!!

  2. awesome list!!! that extreme couponing is insane. like a train wreck i can not look away and have to watch it!


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