Thursday, April 21, 2011


Score one for me - I was the lucky winner of this giveaway from Randi over at Swoon.  Aren't these cards the prettiest?  I may have to try my hand a making some of my own.  The vellum envelopes are a nice touch - such a surprise to see the colors through the envelope.
Good news for you - Randi is hosting another giveaway in honor of her 100th post.  I almost don't want to tell you because if you enter my chances of winning will be decreased, but good luck anyway!
While you're at Swoon take a peek at two of my favorite posts by Randi - a Peter Pan Party (part one and part two) and how to make Salt & Sugar Scrub.

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  1. I have been the recipient of some of Tara's homemade scrubs - they're wonderful, although maybe not the same recipe as these. Thanks for the head's up, Ta! :-)


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