Friday, April 15, 2011

happy weekend

On the agenda this weekend: on Friday night we're remembering our trip to Guatemala with Ed and Laura, Matt and Kayla, and Allyssa and Steve by eating tacos, this cake, and maybe some Pollo Campero.  Saturday brings a breakfast fundraiser for my mother-in-law's garden club, a discussion hosted by the Rhode Island Birth Network, and a spring dinner with friends.  Then on Sunday we'll be at church as usual.       
- I wonder if candy mail is allowable by the USPS... doubtful
- this week's healthy change is doable 
- must print these adorable tandem bike thank you cards asap
- have you heard of this springtime Italian celebration?
- maybe one day Ezra will want to have a trash party
- organization by color
- I've always wanted to learn how to do a fishtail braid
- a great roundup of free bookplates
- love these mini polaroid magnets
- how to create the perfect cheese plate and an adventurous one.  yum.
- a simple (and stylish!) way to preserve memories for your children

What are you up to this weekend?  Where ever you are I hope it's sunshiney!


  1. ahh we have a auntie and lots of cousins coming for a visit this weekend. love this list. i saw those polaroid minis and thought they were so cute.

  2. Oh my, I love that photo- what a beautiful photo of natural celebrating!


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