Thursday, April 7, 2011


 Last night we went to Luxe Burger Bar in Providence for the second time since Ezra was born.  I'm not sure but I think it's his favorite restaurant. 
I love building my own burger - you choose a burger, how it's cooked, cheese, toppings, sauce, bun, and a side.  I ordered the gorgonzola tots to go along with my burger - delicious!
 Here's Ezra as we wait for our dinner.  Last time we were here he spent the majority of the time laying in my lap and/or breastfeeding, but now he's a champion sitter.  Well, not quite, but he's getting there! 
My delicious dinner pictured above - aged cheddar and dill pickle heaven.  Next we want to try Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and I hear that Red Robin is moving into the Warwick Mall parking lot.  Any other good burger places in RI that we should check out?


  1. oh this sounds so good. my husband has been to 5 guys here in NY and loves it. they have these fries that are cajun seasoned, i yummy

  2. i love the fries at 5guys. get the little burger the regular burger is 2 patties and you feel like you ate an elephant after. kinda feel like a wimp asking for the little burger, but it's cheaper and I can finish it.

    I like the burgers at Ted's and their table pickles are great & they bring you more if you ask!

  3. luxe jacked their prices. they are dead to me.


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