Thursday, May 19, 2011

wall additions

The bare wall dilemma is slowly becoming less of one.  I made my own chevron canvases, albeit not as neatly as Jess's.

Matt bought three canvases at Job Lot for $4.99 each and I spent $0.88 each (and about twenty-five minutes standing in front of the acrylic paint display at Michaels trying to choose a color only to ultimately decide on using a very similar shade of bronze) for three bottles of acrylic paint.  We already had the painters tape.

I won't bother with a tutorial since this isn't my invention, but I will share one tip that Matt thought of.  In order to cut a zillion segments of painters tape I stuck strips of it to my cutting mat and used a little Fiskars rotary cutter and my ruler to cut two inch pieces.  Visit make under my life for detailed instructions.

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