Tuesday, May 10, 2011

half birthday boy

Each year when my birthday rolls around Matt has to endure at least a week of me claiming that we should do things and go places because "it's my birthday in three days" or "it was my birthday the day before yesterday" or some other reason relating to my birthday occurring once again.  
Since Ezra's birthday isn't for another six months I wanted to celebrate another milestone: we survived the first six months of Ezra's life.  For real though, I love birthdays and half birthdays are just as good of an excuse for celebrating as whole birthdays and I want to celebrate them every year with Ezra and any other children God chooses to give to us.  It was Matt's idea for me to bake a half cake and I love him for having that idea.  I made two eight inch round cakes, cut them in half, and stacked them with frosting in between the layers, of course.  I was a lazy baker and just made Funfetti (yes, the first ingredient is sugar and it's basically poison in a box but we love it anyway), but I made the chocolate sour cream frosting from scratch and let me say that it was divine.

Of course, this year was a bit of a bust since Ezra doesn't have a clue what's going on.  He didn't even blow out the candle.  The best part of his cluelessness was that he wasn't trying to swipe the cake so Matt and I had it all to ourselves.  

We gave him a milksicle instead.  Yes, it is what you're thinking.  Also Matt's idea.  Order these popsicle molds if you want to make some for your breastfed baby.

There is way too much much sugar on that plate but guess who finished it anyway...

That's right, it was me.  I'm looking forward to continuing this tradition each year complete with half cakes.  Happy Half Birthday, Ezra!  


  1. that is the most brilliant idea ever...though i am afraid with three children we would be eating cake far too regularly!!! though maybe just this one time for Delilah would be ok

  2. Ive never ever ever seen anyone make a "half cake" it looks pretty cool. great way to celebrate half birthdays :)

  3. woah, way behind on my blog reading, but: I love the half-cake for a half-birthday idea! and congrats on six months with that little cutie of yours!


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