Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ezra the Gnome

When I was in early elementary school one of my favorite shows was David the Gnome and I developed a fondness for woodland creatures.  Thanks to my blogging friend Leslie I now have my very own gnome!  Leslie made a hat for her adorable daughter Delilah and I complimented her on it, saying I wished I knew how to crochet.  Leslie kindly offered to make one for Ezra and it was on my doorstep within a week!  
It's so soft and the best shade of chocolate brown.  Obviously Ezra likes his new hat as much as I do!  As Leslie said, the hat is meant for an older child but Ezra has a rather large cranium so the size isn't too far off.  I think there's enough give to the yarn that he'll be able to wear it come September.  Thanks again, Leslie!
P.S. Happy 22nd birthday to my brother, Brendan!  


  1. so cute :)

    P.S. - 21st?? I thought Brendan was older than me by a year?!?!

  2. yeah...oh my goodness he looks so adorable. i am so glad that you like it!


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