Friday, May 6, 2011

happy weekend

(image and amazing garlands via made)
This weekend brings lots of parties and meals shared.  My brother's birthday was on Tuesday and we're celebrating tonight.  I wonder what meal my mom has in the works.  Saturday is our church's annual Mother Daughter Luncheon and my mom and I are attending.  We can look forward to a delicious meal as well as some sentimental speeches, I'm sure.  Of course, Sunday is Mother's Day and after church we'll be spending the afternoon with Matt's family.  What are your plans this weekend?
- I love this week's healthy change especially because now Ezra can join in!
- a good reasons to have a dinner party on a Monday night
- definitely participating in this year's May Giveaway Day so stay tuned!
- someone should put these Mother's Day printables to good use this weekend
- these streamers are incredible
- my mouth is watering (that is such a weird expression, isn't it?) just thinking about these pretzels
- I want one of these fox dolls. Why am I obsessed with stuffed animals?
- some chocolate peanut butter banana bread along with some wise words
- looking forward to this Target collaboration in the fall
- I'm excited that another issue of Styled. is due out in a few months
- just requested Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook from my local library
- the coolest baby hammock can be found right here in this nursery
- and the BHLDN decor line debuted yesterday
I'm looking forward to time spent with my mom this weekend, and to time spent with Ezra as his mom.  Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. i can not wait to see what you are doing for the mayday giveaway...thanks for mentioning it or i would have forgotten.

    have a wonderful first mothers day


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