Monday, May 16, 2011

happy weekend

(image via aHa! Modern Living)
Obviously this post is more than a little late.  My link roundup posts are usually posted on Fridays but Blogger was down for a while, so here's the list to start off your Monday...
- I want to reach out and touch these peonies
mini s'mores cakes sound delicious
- I can't stop looking at these mother & child photos that I somehow missed the week before last
- already thinking of ideas for Ezra's smash cake
chips. for national holidays only.
- tried this beef stroganoff recipe with butternut squash last week
- this list of snacks, especially bacon fat popcorn, for a game night might come in handy
- how to have the perfect picnic
Jordan's travel tips are spot on
- hooray for birthday weeks!
- I've said it before, but a breakfast birthday is brilliant
- check out healthy change no. 19
- I want a wall of confetti in our house
- maybe I'll make some alphabet cookies this weekend
I'm looking forward to a week of nice weather here in Rhode Island.  Hopefully I'll get some planting done and Ezra and I will spend lots of time in the sunshine, slathered in sun block.  Do you have a garden?

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