Wednesday, May 25, 2011

happy happy birthday

(image via come tarry with me)
Yesterday was my birthday so I took the day off from blogging.  The above photo was taken on Sunday at my beautiful party given by Matt, world's best mousse maker.  He spent approximately five hours making this cake and it was delicious!  Everyone's favorite part was the chocolate mousse layer, and like my mom said, it rivaled Pastiche's.  Matt surprised me by taking the day off yesterday so we could spend some time together.  He made me breakfast in bed, planned a picnic at Roger Williams Park (no, we didn't go to the zoo), and took me out to dinner at Red Stripe.  Every bit of every moment was perfect!  Being 25 is awesome.

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  1. So cute! Happy birthday! I'm giving away vintage sewing supplies on my blog, Foziewisp. Please stop by! And thanks!


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