Friday, May 20, 2011

happy weekend

(image via alapan)
Tonight Matt, Ezra, and I are blissfully doing nothing.  Maybe we'll bake some homemade bread for the first time... I can smell the doughy goodness already.  On Saturday we have plans to visit a local farmers market in the morning and then we're hanging out with the teens and their families from the youth group for a fiesta in the afternoon.  On Sunday my birthday week will begin - hooray!  We're celebrating in the afternoon with a pop rocks cake, salted brown butter Rice Krispie treats, or chocolate peanut butter pretzel brownies... or all of the above!  That would be fantastic.  While I recover from all the anticipated excitement, here are my links from the week:
- almost endless cupcake combinations that I can't wait to try
- here's healthy change # 20
- the motivation I need to make macarons
- wouldn't you love a necklace of your state's outline?
- I love the details of this handmade baby shower
- even more desktop wallpaper from fossil
Happy weekend and birthday beginnings!

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  1. hooray for birthdays!!! thanks for a awesome list!!!


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