Wednesday, March 16, 2011

new use for an old thing

(image via bluebirdheaven)
Have you heard of a California job box?  I hadn't, although there was one hanging in the kitchen of the house where I grew up.  I learned from my dad that its original use as compartmentalized wooden tray was to store all the little metal letter stamps used in a printing press.  
My mom used to have one filled with miniatures, which are basically tiny little dollhouse accessories, but it made its way into the attic years ago.  She recently took it back out and is now using hers to store all manner of thread.
Kimberly Canale suggests using one to display placecards at an event and has a DIY on her blog.
Etsy seller BlueBirdHeaven creates beautiful jewelry displays out of them.
I love these inventive ways of repurposing... find your own California job box on ebay.


  1. always a nice surprise when you link to me. (Don't forget the little pic on the top left :-)) love the jewelry and place card ideas.

  2. Very cool ideas! We always called them "printers boxes" growing up. My mom had/has one full of miniatures and random nick knacks like cards from flowers my dad sends her. When we bought our house a printers box was left behind on the wall that I know have my sewing table on. I hope to fill it with vintage thimbles! :)


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