Friday, March 18, 2011

happy weekend

Hooray! My first crocus popped through the soil yesterday!

Three things I love about this weekend - visiting Ari & Matt tomorrow for dinner, free Italian ice at Rita's in North Providence (Find one near you!), and then family fellowship night at church on Sunday.
Here are my favorite finds from this week...
- if I was still teaching I would totally do this for my students on St. Patrick's Day
- healthy change number eleven
- my new resource for all manner of deliciousness
- if I didn't have a black thumb I would keep succulents like these all over my house
- another reason why I wish I knew how to crochet
- a yummy looking dish to try next week
- I bought myself a little present and even better, my purchase supports relief efforts in Japan

If you live in Rhode Island I hope you enjoy the nice weather we're expecting!  See you Monday!

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  1. i can not tell you how fun these link lists are and how much i look forward to them each friday....thanks for these!!!



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