Friday, March 25, 2011

happy weekend

(image via a vintage poster)

This weekend is low key - a LLL meeting and mom & baby yoga at the motion center today, dinner and a game of Settlers of Catan with Amanda and Jared on Saturday, and accompanying Matt on a photo shoot on Sunday.  Do you have anything fun planned?  Now prepare yourself - this week's link list is super long.
- pretty soon I'll be making baby food
- a sweet fill-your-own tote bags favor
- these tips for making your house feel like a home are spot on
- down with diets
- I'm loving Joanna'a hair tutorials
- I wish I had some Pantone chips lying around so I could make these
- what a funny board game!
- the perfect DIY ottoman for any room
- mmm... yumbots
- I want to replicate this chalkboard door in my hallway
- must make lots of these bracelets to wear this summer
- how to host a girls' day in complete with gum drops
- how to make a market tote
- a capiz shell chandelier for $9!
pomegranate sparkling water sounds refreshing, doesn't it?
- Jordan's zig zag streamers look super easy!
- I like this cool concept for a child's bed
this room is adorable for a little girl
Happy weekend!

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