Thursday, January 27, 2011

tied & true

Denyse Schmidt was the first modern quilter I had ever heard of.  I borrowed her book from my local library when I wanted to make my second quilt, the one I made for my cousin's sweet little girl, Leah.  Pretty soon I noticed Denyse Schmidt popping up all over the place - here at Burke Decor, here, here, and here at The Land of Nod - and now I've found her at Pottery Barn, too.  It is my belief that one can never have too many quilts... I only wish there were more seasons in the year to require so many sets of bedding.  If you're in the market for a new spread, consider this pretty quilt which showcases Denyse's trademark style, a blend of the eclectic and the traditional. 
Matt, you said you wanted a new quilt, right?


  1. That's soooo very pretty! But, ummm, I don't think Matt will feel the same way :-)

  2. i never realized quilts could be so pretty!


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