Tuesday, January 4, 2011

eight months

We're rewinding again, this time to eight months, which was at the end of September.  Matt and I took a ride to Bristol this time and walked around for the day, checking out all the little shops.  We took photos along the way... 
No belly in this one but I like it anyway
Ezra's first encounter with a jack-o-lantern
Thanks to Matt for putting up with me each month as I dragged him around Rhode Island.  Those of you who know him know it's a pretty big deal just to get him to leave Cranston.  He was a good sport each month as I thought of locations for our shoots, and I'm glad we have the photos he took to remember my pregnancy with Ezra.  

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  1. The pics are great Tara, we loved watching you grow....and grow...........and grow. :} Miracles should be shared !Love you guys, Andy and Kath


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