Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a quilt for Fiona

Our friends Pasha and Olga just welcomed their baby girl, Fiona Piper, into the world on December 31st.  She's a little Russian doll so it's fitting that this quilt I made for her features matryoshka dolls.
I used fabrics from fabricworm and a pattern called Simple Stripes from the author of Diary of a Quilter.
P.S. If you love matryoshka dolls, check out the round up here at Prudent Baby.


  1. What a lovely, fun quilt for a special little girl. I have been obsessed with matroyshka dolls for the past year or so and just love looking at all of the different fabrics. Wonderful idea. :)

  2. Very nice job, sweetie! Fiona is blessed to have your little family as her friends!

  3. this is a lovely quilt and such a sweet little girl... you did a wonderful job. i made a matrushka quilt for my daughter last year this time and it is still on her bed


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