Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a quilt for Jacob

Even though Ezra is only 10 weeks old he already has a little cousin, Jacob, who is 7 weeks old.  I made this quilt (the pattern can be found here at Oh, Fransson!) out of fabrics Jacob's mom, Becky, and I picked out together before our boys were born.  Becky loved Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo so we found some fabrics at Joann and local fabric store Just Fabrics to coordinate with it.    
I didn't know what to do with the back and eventually decided to go with piecing together some 2D Zoo and Teeny Tiny 2D Zoo as a surprise for Becky.
The binding is Kona Grass Green.
My mom hand sewed a label out of Kona Ash so I could personalize the quilt for little Jacob.
I gave the quilt to Becky at her shower which was at 1149 Restaurant in Warwick.  I think she was pleased with how it turned out!
There were lots of fun fabric scraps left over so I made a stack of burp cloths out of cloth diapers.  Becky has been putting them to good use - I've seen them over her shoulder, on Jacob's changing table, and hanging out of her diaper bag.  It's always nice to see things I've made in use so I'm glad that Ezra and I get to spend a lot of time with Jacob and Becky.  We're excited to see the boys grow up together!   


  1. I LOVE this! Great job

  2. I'm loving this quilt....and the Tokyo Subway Map quilt on her blog! We need to make a quiilt, maybe this summer?

  3. Jacob and I are loving this quilt that Auntie Tara made! Jacob plays on it every day and has just started to notice all the colorful animals and stares at them very intently.


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