Monday, January 24, 2011

words of wisdom

Like many other well-intentioned Americans, I, too, would like to eat healthier this year; however, my desire isn't prompted by a need to get in shape, lower my cholesterol, or even to lose those remaining nine pounds of baby weight.  I didn't make a New Year's resolution and I don't have a particular goal in mind, but I want to develop better eating habits because this is the first year that I am solely responsible for the well-being of another individual.  
Word of Wisdom Living is the perfect place for me to start.  Author Skip Hellewell is suggesting 52 healthy changes.  That's right, one for each week of the year.  Last week's healthy change is about breakfast cereal, and I was happy to learn that my beloved Quaker Oats are up to snuff.  Check out healthy change number one here and find number two right here.  So far my changes include limiting myself to one hot chocolate or decaf spiced chai per week (easy, since I don't drink them too often anyway), and refraining from buying fried foods, which means no more restaurant fries.  I can't wait to make more healthy changes throughout the year with the help of Word of Wisdom.  Do you have any healthy changes in place this year?     

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  1. this sounds like a really awesome book...i am interested and you are so great to make the changes for the right reasons.

  2. I love your commitment to your son. It is amazing how the birth of your child has the power to bring greater awareness and light into your life. It is then the challenge of time and the will to continue great discipline to maintain a high level of awareness. You, of all people, have what it takes!


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