Monday, January 10, 2011

tazza with Elsa

Since Ezra has been here I haven't gone out to lunch or breakfast unassisted like I used to.  That's not to say that Ezra hasn't been to any restaurants because he has.  He's actually patronized three restaurants to be exact.  There just haven't been as many opportunities to go out to eat with an infant due to their very demanding schedules.  So since I don't know when I have my next lunch date with a friend, I will reminisce about one that took place a few months ago...
My friend Elsa and I visited tazza on Westminster Street in downtown Providence for lunch a while back, just to catch up.  Elsa usually lives in Boston but moved back to RI for a couple of months while she was making some decisions about her career.  She's decided to take a transfer to California next month so I'm glad we got to spend some time together before she leaves!
Anyway, back to the food!  I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken salad wrap which included cranberries and walnuts.  I have to admit that the pickle on the side was one of my favorite parts.  I don't know why I like pickles so much.  (Geoff's has the best ones in town.)  
Now that Elsa is moving to Cali it looks like Matt and I have an excuse to fly across the country.  No doubt Elsa will find some where cool for us to eat lunch.

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