Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ezra's Goldfish

Since I began my affair with fabric I've come to realize that Heather Ross is one of my favorite designers.  Her whimsical hand drawn prints are the perfect addition to any project, bringing just the right amount of fun and playfulness.  My mom feels similarly and was so enamored of her goldfish in bags that she spent all night on eBay one day last summer trying to outbid everyone.
She succeeded but didn't know what to do with the little guys.  We both read Film in the Fridge and soon after my mom's purchase we saw this post and emailed it to each other, exclaiming over the great way to use the fabric.
When Matt and I announced that we were expecting Ezra my mom sent Ashley a message asking if she could use her goldfish squared baby quilts as inspiration for a quilt for our baby.  
She gave permission and my mom got to work.  The quilt ended up serving as inspiration for the colors of Ezra's nursery (more on that another time) and I love how it ties everything together.   
I'm looking forward to this summer when Ezra and I can get outside and he can enjoy our backyard from the comfort of his goldfish quilt.  For now we'll just have to enjoy using it indoors.
My mom's friend Kim hand stitched the stripey binding.  
Great job, Mom!


  1. Thanks, my darling! Funny you posted about that this morning...

  2. absolutely awesome! Love the gold fish theme and idea. soooooo cute! Can't wait to see nursery pics. ;o)

  3. LOVELY! What great color choices...Bravo to your mother for not giving up on the bidding (it can get quite exciting, eh?) :) Nice blog,'s my first time here!


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