Thursday, August 12, 2010

Leah's Flock of Triangles

This quilt is almost a year old at this point as it's been used by a very sweet baby since she was born.  OK, well almost since she was born.  I didn't quite have it finished in time.  Anyway, I asked my cousin TJ to bring the quilt to a family cookout so I could take some photos.  I had handed it off to him and his wife for their baby Leah last October without documenting any of the process or finished product.  So here it is, the second quilt in my quilt roster, Denyse Schmidt's Flock of Triangles (crib size) from her book, 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects.  
I used five different Stonehill Collection fabrics (available at  Jo-Ann's), repeating the pink leaf in the binding and the brown polka dot on the back.  My favorite prints are the bright on white floral and the green.  The design was surprisingly manageable for a beginner like myself and I would definitely make it again.  My one problem was getting the bottom points to stay pointy... a lot of them ended up inside the seams of the quilt top but I don't think it makes the quilt any less pretty!  
Here's ten month old Leah wrapped in her quilt, no doubt wondering why she's bundled up in August.  With lots of babies due in the coming months I should have lots more finished quilt posts coming your way!    


  1. wonderful post! And an absolutely adorable baby, but not as adorable as the one I saw yesterday!!!

  2. did you see this giveaway

    and i must say I love these puff quilts!


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