Monday, June 27, 2011

to do

What a way to start the week - my to do list is buried under a pile of fabric scraps and cut thread from a quilt I started working on a year ago.  I go back and forth between being productive and working on projects that are in progress, and starting new projects and adding to the chaos that is my craft room.  I seem to have an acute case of crafter's attention deficit disorder, but I think I like it that way.  it keeps things interesting.  How do you like to craft... do you buckle down and get things done or do you work best with inspiration (also known as distraction) all around?    

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  1. i always seem to be starting something new just when i should be finishing up one of the gazillion projects i have already started. i am in the bereft phase after just finishing a quilt....i have more to work on but i think i need a little inspiration. i often get held up by analysis paralysis!!!

    did i tell you thank you already for the gorgeous cards....if i have not please forgive me. they were so beautiful and so pretty. i don't know if i can give them away...i might have to frame them or something so i can just look at them. thank you so much.


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