Friday, August 27, 2010

where the magic happens...

No, not that magic, the sewing and crafting magic.  This is the place where I do all my sewing and most of my crafting - the blue room.  Yes, Matt and I often refer to the rooms of our home as if we lived somewhere palatial like the White House or The Breakers.  The blue room, the purple room, etc.  Anyway, for a long time the blue room was home to a lot of boxes and miscellaneous items.  We made what I think was an excellent decision to turn it into a room where he could edit photos and I could work on projects, and here's the best part... we can do these activities in the same room!  We used to spend lots of time in different parts of the house, me at the dining room table with my supplies all over the floor and Matt anywhere he could find space since I usually occupied the only usable table in our house.  A desk from Target (similar to this one) for Matt and a workstation from Ikea for me (an expedit desk/workstation) did the trick.
I quickly filled up the shelves with boxes and tins to hold all my treasures.
Fabric is stacked according to color and works-in-progress are everywhere!
Some of my attempted organization - spools of thread in the pink box (a photo archive box from Target), Sharpies and mechanical pencils in a mason jar, bobbins in the silver tin, buttons in a votive holder.  Finally an excuse to collect every bit of pretty packaging that I encounter!
Four shelves devoted to the content of my old desk (which found a happy home in my mom's sewing room) - scrapbook paper, stamps, embroidery floss, zillions of cards, and other office supplies like tacks and paper clips.  We use one of the shelves for our laptops and various power supplies and cables that we use often.   
Two more shelves - one for batting and interfacing and one that houses my printer and paper when it's not in use.  Matt requested the use of at least two shelves so I begrudgingly sacrificed them to his photography supplies.
And last but certainly not least... my machine!  It's a Husqvarna Viking Huskystar C10 and I bought it used at Blaine's Sewing Machine Center which is conveniently located right down the street from my house.  I love my machine and am so glad I bought it instead of using the ancient Singer Matt found on Craigslist for $5 last year.  The Singer served me well for about a month and then I was reduced to tears trying to make a ridiculous amount of birds.  Anyway, I'm just glad I have such a great machine now.  Thanks, Matt!    

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  1. I love this post - I feel part of it since I was sitting at your very desk just yesterday afternoon! It is a very nice work space, even if I DID have to raise my leg up over my head every time I needed to leave the chair to accomplish another task :-)
    JK! But the cord WAS giving me a workout, me who needs a hip replacement sometime soon. Well, I hope you guys are having a good night at the rehearsal dinner! XOXO


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