Thursday, June 2, 2011

moondust macarons

Since macarons are the new dessert of choice (at least according to the internet) I've been wanting to bake a batch, but they're intimidating so I haven't tried yet.  Matt knew this and surprised me with a box of Moondust Macarons last week for my birthday.  Hooray for thoughtful husbands!  
Matt purchased a box of assorted macarons from Foodies of Wickford on his way home from work last Friday.  I almost couldn't wait until after dinner to dig in, but I managed to control myself.
The box included one of each current flavor - pistachio, coffee, vanilla, raspberry, lemon, and chocolate, each one delicious in its own way.  
My favorite was the chocolate with chocolate ganache.  Now how to recreate it... any tips or proven recipes?

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  1. oh my goodness those look amazing!!! i would have gone with the chocolate too!


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