Thursday, June 30, 2011

beautifully breastfed

Last Friday I mentioned that my friend Karissa was doing a shoot (inspired by these images) for me over the weekend.  Apparently she is the speediest photo editor out there which was wonderful to find out because that meant I got to see the images super soon. I love them so much and wanted to share them with you.
We used Saturday's picnic location, Crescent Park, for the shoot.  There was a little beach and acres of grass complete with park benches and shady trees.
Ezra wasn't the most cooperative subject because we were near the water and he absolutely loves water.  That means that he was constantly unlatching and attempting to squirm off my lap to get closer to Narragansett Bay.  
Karissa snapped away for the few moments I was able to distract him from the water lapping at the seaweed covered shore.
There are no words for how beautiful I think the above image is.  It's definitely my favorite of the bunch.
I'm sure Karissa will have a blog post of her own up soon so check out klm photography for more images!


  1. Breathtaking...I wish I would have taken more pictures of me nursing my son. Such a sweet time that passes too quickly. I just found your blog and your quilts are amazing.


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