Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So as it turns out, I lied about being back this week with regular posts.  I fully intended to be back on Monday but then Monday turned into Tuesday and now it's Wednesday, but at least I have a post for today!

See this outfit?  In a matter of only a few days Ezra will be the owner of this outfit and therefore the coolest seven month old in Cranston.  Really though, a package addressed to me arrived in the mail about a week ago and in it was a gift card to 77 kids.  I have no idea why I was the lucky recipient of said gift card, but I think I must have entered a giveaway and forgotten about it.  So thank you, potential giver of the mysterious giveaway and thank you 77 kids!  What are some of your favorite baby and kid clothing picks?  I have a hard time finding clothes for Ezra that I like.  77 kids is now on my go-to list.

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