Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Is this not the funniest stuffed animal you have ever seen?  I've been thinking about what Ezra may become attached to in the near future because apparently this is the age when he may develop a fondness for a specific softie or blanket.  I would love if he carried around this funny rat by Les Deglingos.
Then there's always this bunny with buck teeth and a fluffy tail, but I have a feeling Matt will think it's too girly.
Or maybe a funny sheep!  Sorry I keep describing everything as 'funny,' but I can't help it... these things are so funny!  I especially love their swirly eyes.  I see a new stuffed animal in Ezra's future.
(all images via oompa)


  1. Eek! I suppose "funny" is ONE way to describe them... :-)

  2. haha i love quirky stuffed animals - these are hilarious!


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