Monday, February 28, 2011

brunch in honor of Hillary

Last month I hosted a bridal shower for my friend Hillary who got married on February 5th.  It was an intimate affair that took place in my parents' living room which we converted into a little cafe.  We used nearly every dining room chair in their house and borrowed a couple of tables to make it work.
My mom sewed napkins to match the decor of the room and we used my grandmother's Irish linens as table coverings.  Flowers were simple arrangements in, what else, mason jars.  
Brunch was served at 11:30 to a crowd of twelve ladies plus Matt who was on the couch in another room with Ezra sleeping on his chest and my brother who woke up as our guests were leaving. 
More mason jars served as drinking glasses for water or orange juice.
Giada's chocolate chip biscotti
My mom's cranberry orange scones
My aunt's baked French toast with apples
Paula Deen's creamy hash brown casserole - definitely worth the calories.
The bride-to-be and matron of honor, one of the few photos of people at the shower!  I have a problem - I always forget to take pictures when the event starts so my photo collections are always big on details and lacking in the attendee department.  Thanks to my mom for snapping this shot.  Hillary & Dave are now married and happily using all their new appliances at their apartment in Massachusetts.  


  1. That last photo is my favorite, of course!

  2. yay! love the pictures. i want to make those napkins :) everything was perfect. thanks for all your hard work.


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