Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my quilt for Ezra

I'm finally showing off a quilt that I made for my own child instead of quilts made for the children of friends.  Ezra's quilt is the only quilt I've ever made without using a pattern and since I finished it I've been delving into the world of pattern design.
I wanted the squares to be dispersed throughout the quilt starting from the bottom right corner and gradually fading up and out.  If I were to tackle this design again I would definitely concentrate the squares more in the corner because I think it just turned out uneven looking.
Ezra demonstrating the asymmetrical tonic neck reflex.
 Ezra demonstrating his adorable lopsided smile.
It was so weird to write 'mom' on the label instead of 'Tara Celeste' like I usually do.
And finally, Ezra demonstrating the incredible cuteness of his tiny baby feet.


  1. aren't little baby feet the best ever!!! i have a post similar to this that i am trying to get up with my Delilah on her Delilah quilt.....i love this one that you made for Ezra. The way you arranged and designed it is really cool

  2. i love the colors that you chose for this quilt! and, oh, that little smile is so, so adorable!

    and you've reminded me: I still need to make labels for my babies quilts! (and share them on my blog!)

  3. This is a neat quilt, Tara. I would call it the pixel quilt because it looks like a photograph zoomed all the way to the pixels in photoshop. Neat concept!

  4. ezra is darling... and you're obviously a wonderful quilter!


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