Tuesday, February 1, 2011

more milk

One of my favorite treats lately are lactation cookies, something I had never heard of until I visited my friend Keri of Quaint and Quirky who was a few weeks postpartum and baking them.  Yes, she was baking when her daughter was only a few weeks old.  I was inspired.  However, if you don't have time to bake them yourself then buy yourself a few bags of milkmakers and eat up.  They're full of oats, brewer's yeast, and flax seed - all galactagogues, which are substances that promote lactation.  Or try yummy mummy cookies which contain about a zillion good-for-you-and-baby ingredients, too.  If you're really ambitious postpartum then whip up a few batches of this recipe from epicurious and let me know how they taste.  All I can say that a cookie that increases milk production just can't be bad!


  1. Hmm, how are they, really? I keep getting emails from that company now trying to get me to purchase more.


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