Wednesday, February 9, 2011

things to come

Last night marked the beginning of my first commissioned quilt!  This quilt is also the first project I have begun since Ezra was born.  So far all my other sewing has been fixing mistakes and working on old projects.
It felt good to be creating again.  
 These strips are patiently waiting until Ezra's nap so they can be ironed and then cut into blocks. 
My toes in the morning, peeking out from my pink cheetah flannels.


  1. is that Arcadia fabric...i love it!! it must feel great to be working on something new.

  2. I would buy a quilt from you, Tara! And...
    1. You've already made me (Amelia) a quilt
    2. I know how to quilt!

    I just love your eye for pattern and modern aesthetic!

  3. Ahhh, very pretty! And nice to see you're having fun.

  4. Amazing, I can't wait to see the outcome ;)

  5. I LOVE that fabric! My sister and I want to learn to quilt so bad but neither of us have ever so much as sewn a button on.

  6. Thanks everyone! Jill, check out this awesome series -


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