Friday, October 28, 2011

happy weekend

(image via the ballerina project)
While I'm a little disappointed our local weathermen are forecasting frigid temperatures and possibly snow, I'm still looking forward to this weekend. I'm getting a haircut first thing tomorrow morning - always a good start to the day - as long as it doesn't rain (and I think it's rained every day that I've gotten my hair cut for the past three years). Then Matt, Ezra, and I are actually having our pictures taken for a change. Our friend Karissa (who captured these images and Ezra's birth) offered to take family photos for us and we accepted. Then we have a delicious dinner to look forward to, and I'm bringing Paula Deen's red velvet cupcakes for dessert. In between church on Sunday we're going to indulge in Matt's mom's homemade pizza and chicken soup. This weekend is full of food that's perfect for chilly days. What's your favorite cold weather meal? Here are a few (probably the closest to 'few' that I've ever come) links to hold you over until Monday... 
- a grilled cheese is perfect for a lazy weekend lunch
- how many sizes should I make this notebook paper tee in for Ezra?
- I'm dreaming of this suspended trampoline turned teepee for our backyard someday
- spotted this party dress at anthropologie this week and I'm still thinking about it
- happy to report that I'm making progress on my list!
- not from this week, but here are some beginning quilting tips... I get a lot of requests and diary of a quilter tutorials are wonderful!


  1. i love Amy's blog...she is such a amazing quilter. i saw a few of this weeks list while i was spending too much time on the dress. have a great weekend.

  2. that anthropologie dress is so gorgeous! it reminds me of a modern day dirty dancing dress :)


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