Tuesday, October 25, 2011

eleven months!

Eleven month photo shoot status: occurred approximately nine days late but successful! I'll take it. If we crop that first one I think it would be perfect for Ezra's RI license photo.
Ok, so the shoot was successful except that Ezra took his sticker off after the first snap of the shutter. I decided to be the bigger man and allow him to stick it on the gorilla (who was much more complacent), which he was very intent on doing.
Ez clearly didn't want anyone to feel left out so the aardvark had a turn with the sticker next.
Sticker-less and loving it!
Ezra taking a few tentative steps onto the pelt of a long dead baby polar bear. Just kidding - it's faux sheepskin from Ikea.
Ezra's to do list: demolish artfully arranged display of picture books in four seconds - check.
Ezra's first self portrait. I'm going to go set up his myspace account. 

[the aftermath, month eleven]


  1. Oh, so cute! Lil' Ezra has me smiling this a.m. ~
    oh, and I love his artful arrangement of the 11 month sticker!

  2. He makes the most hilarious faces!


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