Wednesday, October 12, 2011

nine months!

These photos are a dead giveaway that I've been slacking in the blog department (note the 9 sticker on Ezra's onesie).  He already looks so much bigger to me, as he should - he's a little over eleven months old as I write this.  
take one: sans onesie
Ez & friends
complete fascination. and it wasn't even oscillating.
the view from above
and from the side
how I love those little fingers
and we're back to the fan
There are two more sessions of month photos that I need to post before we get to the big 0-1 in a few weeks, so please bear with me and the little guy in the white onesie. The sessions became increasingly unsuccessful (decreasingly successful?) with each passing month, but I hope to catch some good ones at the one year mark.

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  1. ohhh he is too adorable.....i love the shot with the sticker and no onesie


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