Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a quilt for Levi

I have a confession to make: this quilt is my most favorite quilt that I've ever made and I had trouble parting with it. I wanted to keep it for Ezra! My friend Ashley picked out some amazing Michael Miller fabric and then my mom let me go through her stash to pick out some coordinating solids and I decided to go with an easy strip quilt design. 
It really lets the guitars shine, I think... I couldn't bear to cut into them so the large strips work well.
For the back I used a large piece of Kona Ash and scraps of the fabric that I put together in an improv style.  Simple straight line quilting to border the guitar strips and down the center of some of the solids finished off the quilt sandwich. Here you can see that the quilt spent a bit too much time in the dryer after its run through the washer. Yes, I dry my quilts in a dryer and just pray that they make it out alive.
I had some scraps left over from trimming the strips and they turned out to be perfect for my first scrappy binding. There was hardly any waste with this quilt as I turned every little piece into something else for Levi...
a stack of burp cloths with the remaining tidbits of fabric and added some grosgrain ribbon for contrasting texture. Not that infants (especially male infants) are too concerned with contrasting texture on their burp cloths, but I thought it was a nice addition.
Rather than add a separate label to the quilt, I simply wrote a little note along the edge of one of the pieces of fabric that make up the patchwork backing. Levi finally made his debut on Sunday night (he had been threatening for three or four weeks!) so hopefully he's happily snuggling with his quilt now.


  1. this is so cute!!! i love those guitars. i always put my quilts in the dryer(as i say a little prayer)

  2. most amazing quilt!!! i love it so much and everyone that comes to visit says the same!!! Levi is very pleased! <3 thank you again tara! it matches his room perfectly!!
    love, ashley & levi

  3. It came out great! I always love your finished quilts!

    my sister and I are trying to teach ourselves how to quilt....we're a little special in the sewing area so this should be interesting!


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