Friday, October 21, 2011

happy weekend

(image via Jordan's pin via The Telegraph)
Tonight is Fondue Friday at the Celeste house so I'm busy grating blocks of Emmentaler and chopping vegetables. I can't wait to have some crusty bread and teeny potatoes with all that melty cheesy goodness. Then tomorrow morning I'm getting a pedicure. It sounds like on heaven on earth to me. What are you up to this weekend? While I get back to the cutting board, here are some fun finds from around the web...
- random acts of kindness are nice, but random acts of cookies are even better!
- my obsession with bunk beds continues
- definitely adding this margherita tart to my menu for next week
- if I had a little girl I would make her a plush sewing machine
- I eat oatmeal almost every day... time to try some of these variations
- yet another fun way to decorate with balloons
- don't you agree that I need this t towel?
tassel garlands are so pretty but they look like a lot of work and I'm feeling lazy... has anyone made one?
- this rustic Italian luncheon looks, well, perfectly rustic and so Italian and I love it


  1. Never made the tassel garland, and I know I never will. And I want to sleep in a bed just like that - by myself! :-)

  2. oh don't do it!!! those bunk beds are so pretty but they are so impossible to make!!! my son has a bunk bed and every time i change the sheets i wonder why i ever bought them


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