Friday, March 26, 2010

sweet dreams

Last night I feel asleep listening to my favorite night time music, bedtime beats, the secret to sleep.  I've been listening to bedtime beats for a few years, not every night of course, but whenever I feel an extreme need to decompress.  If there was ever a week that necessitated decompression it would be this one.  The music featured on the disc is based on research performed at Case Western Reserve University which found that "classical and soft jazz music played at 60-80 beats per minute induces sound sleep."  I'm inclined to agree because whenever I actually settle down to sleep I don't hear more than one song and I'm out.  Bedtime Beats was very popular at the childcare center where I used to work... the kids would drop like flies at nap time which was a good thing for all involved.  Get your copy here.      

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