Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Laura & Ed

Our friends Laura and Ed are getting married this August and she's appointed me "head honcho" of design.  I'm not kidding, I've seen her To Do List and that's my official title.  Anyway, we're going to be sprucing up a rather large and barren space so I've been compiling ideas for the big day.  The room is basically a blank slate and I'm looking forward to filling it with color, pattern, and texture.  Laura wants to create a big impact when the guests enter the room so we're planning on using glass vessels overflowing with manzanita branches hung with votive candles, draped with amaranthus, or adorned with tiny flowers.  Her newest idea is to fill the glass with Bosc pears and have the manzanita branches breaking the surface of the fruit.  

   (image via the knot)

Laura also wants to make some of Martha's tissue paper pom-poms to string along the sides.  Etsy sellers Party Poms, pomlove, and Prost to the Host sell pom-poms and garlands (here, hereand here) similar to the ones I would like to create for Laura and Ed's wedding.  

(image via Party Poms)

Laura also wants to have an old-fashioned soda bar as seen on Oh Happy Day.  Read more about Jordan's idea here at project wedding.  Another option is setting the tables with bottles that coordinate with the colors of the wedding.  Yacht Club Soda in North Providence is a great bottling company where Laura would be able to find old-fashioned sparkling beverages in nearly any flavor and color.  

(image via Jordan)

The bluecube is a self-described "guest magnet" and Laura and Ed want it.  What is the bluecube?  Well according to Matt, it's an automatic memory maker and a party starter... it's a photobooth.  I'm sure Matt of blueflash will deliver (please excuse the shameless plug for my husband) on his promise and the bluecube will be the hit of the wedding.  Besides the love and stuff of course.  

Laura and I in the bluecube last weekend

Now on to the attire... Laura's dress has been picked out for a few months now but I'll just say it looks stunning on her and leave it at that.  Her bridesmaids are going to be wearing a dress that is very similar to this j.crew dress that is no longer available.  Laura's sister and maid (er, matron) of honor Leah made her this Cynthia Rowley dress in fuschia for Christmas and it looks fantastic.  The Walach women are going to replicate it for all the bridesmaids.  I may just have to borrow the pattern to sew up a dress for myself!

The boys are going to wear some sort of J.Crew vest and pant ensemble, but I recommended that Laura check out the Liberty of London collection for Target (see my past post about the collection here) to add some flair to their apparel.  I'm especially concerned about what the groomsmen are wearing since Matt is in the wedding and I want him looking spiffy.  My favorite coordinating accessories are these two ties, here and here.

I can't wait to get started on all the projects for their August nuptials!  Any suggestions?  


  1. Hi Tara,
    I love the idea of the branches. I was at a wedding this past september and the centerpieces were the minnie version of those. both the branches and the pots were spray painted gold and big butterflies and orchidas were glued on the branches.
    uve done a great job with ur wedding, cant wait to see what ure gonna do with their's :)


  2. my cousins had the branches, it was really beautiful with little candles hanging.

  3. Thanks, Rubina, you're so sweet!


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