Monday, March 8, 2010

run, don't walk

Get thee to Craftland.  That's all I have to say.  OK, that's really not all I have to say.  What I have to say is Craftland is an amazing collection of handmade goods from artisans all over Rhode Island and the United States.  It's located on Westminster Street in Providence and used to be a seasonal gift shop that was only open around Christmas time but recently they decided to keep the doors open and for that I'm very thankful.  I used to think about Craftland all year, waiting for an online announcement that they were open for the season but now I no longer need to exercise patience!
It's very hard to walk through the store and not want at least seventeen different items.  All the products are so nicely packaged that I can't resist picking everything up and then saying, "this is so cute!"  I think Matt wanted to strangle me, but everything really was so cute!  For example...
blackberry jam
Rhode Island change purses
beaded felt bobby pins
yummy smelling soaps
i heart RI pins
woven baskets
Providence toddler tee shirts
Clearly, we Rhode Islanders love Rhode Island.  As previously mentioned, I wanted many many items in the store (especially anything having to do with Rhode Island) and while I didn't make any purchases I can rest easy knowing that Craftland is still open! 
In addition to offering great jewelry, apparel, stationery, home goods, and gifts, Craftland runs the School of Craft.  My friend Karissa recently participated in a soap making class at Craftland and she loved it.  She's going to teach me all she knows some day soon so I can become more eco-friendly and smell pretty at the same time.  Take advantage of the warm weather - take a stroll down Westminster and check out Craftland soon!    

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